Iridium catalysts play a crucial role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Today, we delve into the recycling process of iridium catalysts to provide a deeper understanding of it.
Platinum group metal
The iridium content in catalysts is not high, especially in used iridium catalysts, which may contain other impurities. Generally, we extract iridium from the solid catalyst using chemical solvents. After extraction, the iridium must be separated and purified.

Using methods like precipitation or extraction, iridium is made to precipitate by adjusting the pH value of the solution or adding specific chemical reagents, thus separating it from other substances in the solution.

The separated iridium precipitate must be washed and dried to remove residual impurities and solvents. The dried iridium precipitate then undergoes high-temperature calcination to further purify it, removing invisible residual organic substances, ultimately yielding relatively pure iridium.